Skills and Goalie Training on Monday Nights (session focus now posted)



This is a reminder that Monday night skills and goalkeeping sessions begin tomorrow, Monday September 11. As a reminder the skills sessions run every Monday (with the exception of October 9 – Columbus Day) from 5:30 – 6:30pm with the goalkeeping sessions running from 6:45 – 7:45pm. Below you will find an outline of the curriculum and session plans for the season.


This year our skills sessions are going to concentrate on our players learning to attack with the ball, taking on defenders in various situations.  We will continue to emphasize our philosophy of playing an attacking style of soccer. We encourage all players to take advantage of these sessions which dedicate time to individual skill development.


In addition we have outlined a comprehensive goalkeeping curriculum aimed at teaching the basics to our players who are new to the position while challenging our more advanced net minders. We encourage all players to attend these sessions regardless of whether they are goalkeepers or not. Learning the basic skills will only enhance their overall development as a complete soccer player.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Pete Pappalardo

Director of Player Development, GRSS.


Skills Training Topics

Week 1, 2, & 3: Learning and Practicing head to head skills - Players will work on moves when opposition/pressure is in front of them. 

Week 4, 5, & 6: Learning and Practicing side moves- Players will work on moves when the opposition/pressure is on their right or left side. 

Week 7, 8, & 9:  Learning and Practicing moves- Players will work on moves when the opposition/pressure is behind them.


Goalkeeper Specific Training Topics

Week 1: Diving Technique - Teach goalkeepers proper diving techniques.

Week 2: Distribution - Teach keepers to play out of the back with both their feet and hands.

Week 3: Goalkeeper Stance- Teach keepers proper stance when getting ready to react to a shot.

Week 4: Catching & Handling- Teach keepers the proper way to receive a ball with their hands, the "W".  As well as working with their feet.

Week 5: Shot Stopping & Redirecting- Work on reacting to shots/ reaction time.

Week 6: Tipping, Parrying & Boxing- Teach proper way to push balls to the sides, as well as over the net for high shots.

Week 7: Defending Crosses & High Balls- Teach proper ways to come out and punch/catch balls. And work on the angle/reaction times of when to leave the line.

Week 8: Breakaway Techniques- Work on coming out and cutting off angles.

Week 9: Angle Play & Positioning- Working on cutting down angles and proper positioning.